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Affiliated Web Sites

N.A.D.A.I. is very selective in the process of choosing affiliates. The sites listed below have been carefully selected for the excellent services that they provide to not only us but their clients and ours as well. To be considered as an affiliate of or with N.A.D.A.I. please contact us here

State Liasons and Official Representatives for N.A.D.A.I.

All Reps/Liaisons must be Certified previously by N.A.D.A.I. and approved Members or Board Members up to date with Membership dues. Representatives do not collect application fees from credentialees. All payments must be made directly to N.A.D.A.I. or Dr. Corinne Butler-Williams

Clark Burlew, Former First VP of N.A.D.A.I. - California

Lynnette Jarvis-Barrett, Presidential Advisor - Texas

Dr. Kathy Blue, Presidential Liaison - Florida

Ballah M. David, Presidential Liason - Liberia Africa

Angela Dankulich-Craven , Presidential Liason, Representative - Mississippi

Father George Gonzelez, Liaison, Chaplin, Training Coordinator - Texas

Larry Owens, Liaison, Public Relations - Georgia

Dr. Gail Zamore, Vice President of Education and International Affairs - Florida

James MCkinney - California

Sylvestor Britt, Liason, Training - Virginia

Dr. Paul and Suzie Hardy, Liason, Training - Virginia

Rev. Austin Warner - Bermuda

M. Stellah Utah - Pennsylvania

Martin Brenner - California